Name of organisation Suomen Lautamiehet ry
Finlands nämndemän rf
Founding year 1972
Legal status Registered Association. Only national lay judge organisation in Finland.
Organistional Structure Annual general meeting once a year in March. This assembly elects members of the board (3-8 persons) and a president for two years. Board has four meetings a year. Board elects an executive committee consisting of president and two members of the board. This committee submits its proposals for the decisions to the board. Finances of the Association come mainly from membership fees and a contribution from the Ministry of Justice. These are used for publishing the bulletin ‘Lautamies’ and organising training for lay judges.
Number of members There are persons and associations amongst members, altogether about 980 members, eight of which are local associations.
Number of board members President and 6 members
What kind of Judges do you represent? Only lay judges
In which fields of law are your members involved in jurisdiction? Criminal law, only aggravated cases