Name of organisation Bund Deutscher Schiedsmänner und Schiedsfrauen e. V.
Founding year 1950
Legal status Registered association
Organistional Structure Umbrella organisation, 12 state associations, 77 district associations, each with their own executive commitees. The federal representatives‘
meeting decides on fundamental issues (every 4 years). The association is financed by contributions from the towns and local authorities. Controls are carried out in the members‘ meetings in the subdivisions.
Number of members Approx. 1,5000
Number of board members Federal association approx. 20; approx. 15 in each of the 12 state associations;
approx. 8 in in each of the district associations.
What kind of Judges do you represent? Arbitrators
In which fields of law are your members involved in jurisdiction? Pre-litigation arbitration of disputes in accordance with Section 380 of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPo).