Name of organisation Associazione Nazionale Giudici di Pace
Founding year 1994
Legal status Association of the Judges of Peace
Organistional Structure The National Steering Committee meets twice a year and adopts the decisions It approves the annual budget. Other bodies are the Board of Governors, the Arbitration Committee and The College of Auditors.
Number of members
Number of board members – nine members in the executive council (Giunta Esecutiva)
– twenty-six members in the board of governors (Consiglio Direttivo)
– five members in the arbitration committee (Collegio dei Probiviri)
– five members in the college of the auditors of the accounts
What kind of Judges do you represent? Judges of Peace
In which fields of law are your members involved in jurisdiction? We are present in the judicial proposals of every Court of Appeal.