Name of organisation Nämndemännens riksförbund NRF,
The Swedish National Association of Lay Judges
Founding year 1980
Legal status NRF is a non- governmental and non-profit association
Organistional Structure The General Meeting, where all member organisations are represented, convenes every fourth year. The meeting appoints the Board and its Chairman, approves annual reports and decides on statutory changes, budgets, operational planning and membership fees.
The Management Board consists of 15 members of which 4 members are deputies. A Working Committee of 5 board members makes proposals for decision by the full board.
The association is financed through membership fees and by an annual grant from the Swedish National Courts Administration.
Number of members Around 3,000 members organized in 58 local lay judge associations.
Number of board members 15
What kind of Judges do you represent? Lay judges who are not legally qualified who serve on an honorary basis to
maintain public confidence in judicial administration
In which fields of law are your members involved in jurisdiction? Our members serve in district courts, courts of appeal, administrative
courts including migration courts and in administrative courts of appeal.
URL http://hem.passagen.se/n.r.f/